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Since 2014, activities on international action of  Food and all steel shot in the FE and NE area

With the establishment of new headquarters in the capital Berlin 2014 with Quan'stum International GmbH, we want to bring the development of European standards of structural distance from Europe to Asienzu, such as Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India, Thailand and Cambodia, and the recycling of building materials in the countries concerned to introduce to claims of recycling and environmental protection needs.

We set new standards in recycling and environmental awareness in Asia, as we have done effectively in Europe since 2014.

Quan'stum International GmbH 

Papierstr. 13
13409 Berlin

Tel.         + 49 30 5552 1109
Fax         + 49 30 499 152 15
Mobil      + 49 173 7868 888


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